A Complete Guideline of the Custom Checklist for the U.S. Importers

American based companies that are involved in importing merchandise and items from China into the USA need to comply with various laws and regulations. At the very beginning, they need to respond to the queries of U.S. Customs and Border Protection department. There are two types of papers they may ask you to submit.

  1. Request for Information The U.S. Customs and Border Protection department usually verifies the exact classification, proper value and judge the U.S. import standards through Request for Information.
  2. CBP Notice of Action It is more serious notice aimed to the importer of the Chinese goods that of a potential action that could be taken that includes the proper assessment of the additional duties on the imported items or to notify the importer that the action has already been taken by CBP.

It is important for the importer to be aware of the fact that CBP can initiate a penalty investigation if they fail to produce the required documents to the authority.

As an importer, you can easily handle CBP inquiry or demand why the CBP’s proposed action should not be taken against you. The only thing you need to do is to furnish proper information from your China manufacturing supplier. It is vital that during your communications with the CBP you are not revealing any information that CBP can use against you. Importers can always ease the task and improve their odds by anticipating and preparing for your customs problems within the framework of import procedures and controls.

It is important for all the importing companies to keep their commercial invoice or other import documentation. Here is a list of documents companies must provide accurately such as:

  • Accurate country of origin of the product
  • A complete product description
  • Correct value in accordance with CBP rules

Failing to comply with these rules will lead to

  • Risk of delaying in the quick release of your goods
  • Extended time-consuming scrutiny
  • Further scrutiny by CBP through an audit
  • Financial penalties

CBP reasonable care checklist that importer need to furnish are- (1)Free trade agreements (2) Customs documentation for entry (3) Country of origin verification, marking, labeling (4) Complete merchandise description for tariff classification and proper duty rates (5) Valuation of merchandise consistent with specific CBP valuation rules.

Although CBP Reasonable Care Checklist is not the standard one, it allows American importing houses to get a glimpse of accurate import compliance standards.

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