Residential Permit Law in China

As per the new law, PRC embassies, consulates are responsible for issuing visas. The public security bureau can only issue a single entry visa for 30 days only in case of narrow situations. They can also issue the extension of stay visa as well as the replacement visas to change the purpose of staying.

Residential Permits & Stay Certificates: J1, Q1, S1, X1, and Z visas are issued to individuals intending to enter China for purposes of taking up residence. These visas are valid for a single entry to China. Within 30 days of entry, these individuals must apply to a PSB exit-entry office for a residence permit. Once issued, a residence permit can be used to enter China instead of a visa. Few of the cases in overseas people entering China may be granted stay certificates instead of residential permit or visa.

New Types of Residential Permits: As per the law, residence permits are divided into following types:

  • Residence permits for employment
  • Residence permits for study
  • Residence permits for journalism
  • Residence permits for family reunion
  • Residence permits for private affairs

New Visa Classifications: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a Notice on handling PRC Visa Applications that demonstrate the classifications of visa in China.

Duration of Stay:



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