Secrets Revealed For Hiring China Law Firms

China’s economy is facing a tough period. It has been noticed that whenever China faces any sort of economic slowdown, it starts tightening the noose on foreign companies. Often overseas businesses find themselves guessing where they must follow the laws and when they can just risk it. This is the main reason a growing number of international companies are getting into legal trouble in China.

How would China Trademark & Patent Lawyer Be Useful to your Business

To be able to get to have smooth-sailing operations without being stressed with all the technical details in one of the world’s leading business countries, hiring a Chinese law firm would be your best bet. The right Chinese lawyer can make a huge difference to your business. Attorneys of the China trademark & patent law office can add value in the obvious ways, helping to avoid early mistakes in complying with the Chinese regulations. China lawyers will help you to secure the copyright, trademark and trade secrets of your firm, tech products and inventions.

How would China Tech Lawyer Be Useful to your Business

According to CSIS, as bilateral U.S.-China tensions intensify, standards related to a new system of cybersecurity reviews are likely to be among the first tools Beijing may use to retaliate against U.S. companies in a trade war. They offer openings for the Chinese government to delay certifications or licenses needed for market access or to shut down a company which may already be successful in China. In order to perfectly deal with the tech regulations of China, you must seek advice from the professional China technology lawyer.

Choosing a Chinese law firm is a big decision. There are many factors to consider before hiring the firm.

Which practice area is most suited to your business?

If you are going to stick with law firm long-term, it is absolutely essential that you must know the specialization area of the law firm. There are many law firms in China that offer exclusive services on one particular area. For instance, there are legal houses that provide only China trademark and patent related services while others offer services on tech-related issues. Apart from these, you can also find Chinese law firms that offer 360-degree services from trademark to tech. It depends on you which practice area is most suited to the needs and requirements of your business.

Contingency Fee

It would be better to hire the China law firm that works on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorney’s fees unless the firm recovers compensation for you. The lawyer’s fees will be a percentage of that compensation.

Look for the Track Record of the China Legal Firm

Ask your China attorney about the results of previous cases that were similar to yours. If a legal matter ends up in court, inquire about their settlement record and present situation. It is also important that the firm has a considerable number of Chinese speaking lawyers with a good written and communication skill. Your China attorney must also be able to write clearly, persuasively and concisely, as they must produce a variety of legal documents.


As a foreign business owner, it is important that you should feel comfortable in the presence of your China lawyer. A comfortable and friendly bonding will allow you to share relevant information to your case completely, openly and honestly. After all, a lawyer can’t fully assist you without knowing all of the pertinent information.

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Why Patent Protection in China is Stronger than Once Believed

Patents secure exclusive rights to an invention, and thereby offer insight into key areas of innovation. Internationally, patent applications have steadily increased year on year. It is worth noting that the total number of patent applications in China in all sectors has dramatically increased over the past decade.

In the view of the prominent China patent lawyers, China patent office has processed more patents than any other country in the world. China’s patent applications last year reportedly mainly concerned electronic devices, and computing and digital telecommunications technology. Overall, IP filings have increased by 5.8 percent on the previous year, representing the eighth consecutive yearly increase.

Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization said- “This rapid rise in Chinese use of the international patent system shows that innovators there are increasingly looking outward, seeking to spread their original ideas into new markets as the Chinese economy continues its rapid transformation.”

There are several types of intellectual property rights in China for the protection of inventions. There are three types of patents:

  • Invention Patents
  • Utility Model Patents
  • Design Patents

Chinese companies are rushing to obtain patents protecting advances in everything from artificial intelligence to blockchain. It makes it really important for the foreign companies to register their patents in China as early as possible. The cut-throat competition between the Chinese firms and the international companies has taken a new dimension after the growing US-China trade tension.

According to China patent lawyers, In 2019, amendments of China patent laws, with soon to be issued bills including the fourth revision of the Patent Law, judicial interpretations for the trial of administrative cases involving the granting and confirmation of patent rights. In response to the trade war – the Chinese government rapidly instituted a number of significant reforms. But foreign companies are still at risk from IP ‘hijackers’ – for example, Chinese suppliers that file their foreign client’s IP without their permission.

China has had specialist IP tribunals in the Chinese courts to deal with patent (and other IP-related) cases. Since 2014, three specialized IP courts in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou hear all first instance IP matters in these regions. These courts include judges with IP training and background to facilitate the proceedings.

The Chinese government has pivoted to embrace the idea of protecting intellectual property and has tried hard to combat worldwide misconceptions about China’s patent system. These new findings indicate that patent protection in China is stronger than once believed.

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