Chinese lawyers are the Best Persons to Understand Legal Framework of the Country

China has a unique business culture and a very different legal framework. it is certainly not surprising that many companies have been extremely successful. However, many companies also have been struggling to find the right approach in China, which is often caused by a lack of knowledge and preparation. Selecting the right Chinese lawyer is the most important part of the puzzle.

Growing Community of Chinese Lawyers

China now has a robust and growing community of lawyers. Even as China began to open up its economy to the world, the government ultimately maintained a largely protectionist approach to its community of legal professionals. It wasn’t until the end of the 1980s that international firms were able to establish a foothold in China, and even then they had to do so under the guise of being “business representatives.”

China Lawyers Have the Better Understanding of the Chinese Legal Framework

The number of foreign companies getting into legal trouble in China keeps getting increasing. Whenever China’s economy slows, its government starts looking for foreign companies out of compliance with Chinese laws. There are hundreds of Chinese laws and regulations governing foreign investment, manufacturing, sourcing, hiring employees and doing business in China. It is quite obvious that only China lawyers have the better understanding of the Chinese legal framework.

China Lawyers can Better Represent you in the Chinese Court

The foreign investors can benefit from professional services and assistance before starting a business in China and after the beginning of their economic activity. In addition to profound legal knowledge and practical experience, the dedication of Chinese lawyers can prove to be a gamechanger for your business. You and your company will be better represented in the Chinese court in the event of a legal dispute.

China Lawyers Help Foreign Clients Translating Legal Documents

Under the Chinese umbrella, there are several different languages such as:

1. Mandarin

2. Cantonese

3. Hakka

Mandarin is the most popular, and it’s actually considered the official language of the People’s Republic of China. You need to take assistance from a Chinese legal firm that lawyers are efficient in translating documents in the most comprehensive way keeping in mind all the legal aspects and make the appropriate for your business dealings in China.

Services Offered by the Chinese Lawyers

Chinese lawyers can assist in various legal fields, such as:

Business Law

Trademark & IP Registration

Labor Law

IT Law

Tax Planning


Liquidation of Companies


Enforcing a contract in China is quite a challenge. Foreign companies need to have a proper legal representation to cope with these challenges and make the most out of the China distribution agreement. Ask your China lawyers about the results of previous cases that were similar to yours. If a legal matter ends up in court, inquire about their settlement record and present situation. It is also important that the firm has a considerable number of Chinese speaking lawyers with a good written and communication skill. Your China attorney must also be able to write clearly, persuasively and concisely, as they must produce a variety of legal documents.

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Indispensable Advice For Hiring A China Patent Lawyer

By obtaining a patent, an inventor is granted exclusive commercial rights over their innovative creation. Patent protection in China becomes extremely important as it gives you exclusive rights to prevent others from commercially using your patented invention, thereby reducing competition and establishing yourself in the market as the pre-eminent player.

Filing patent applications early helps limit the risk that someone else has obtained (or will obtain) a patent on the same idea. It becomes really vital to search out a patent lawyer who specializes in “prosecuting” (i.e. obtaining) patents in the technical area that the invention covers. A maximum number of China patent lawyers usually specialize in two categories, such as:

Patent Prosecution– The process of obtaining patent rights for inventions.

Patent Litigation– Handling legal disputes about whether someone is infringing an existing patent.

The Chinese law firms that offer exclusive patent protection consultation could play a vital role in safeguarding your business interests in China. Patent attorneys can greatly increase the corporate value of your company or brand. That’s why conducting thorough due diligence before appointing the right China patent lawyer is an important decision in terms of your business. You need to know more than where a patent lawyer went to school and what they studied. We’ve put together the most indispensable advice for hiring a China patent lawyer for your company-

Look Expertise Beyond Patent & Trademark

The Chinese law firm you are wishing to hire should have expertise beyond patent and trademark. The more diversify their services would be, the more efficiently they might handle your case. The broad range of categories the China law firm should have expertise include international trade, foreign direct investment, intellectual property, litigation arbitration, corporate compliance, merger & acquisition.

Interviewing the Patent Attorneys will help you Understand their Work Efficiency

The consultation fees of a China patent lawyer is quite high. So, you need to follow a very methodical approach before proceeding. It makes sense to have a strategy for what your overall plan is. You should ask specific questions, which you would before engaging an attorney, and then ask other questions that are particular to patent attorneys. Prepare a list of questions to ask a patent attorney. Make sure you ask your patent attorney a lot of questions about the process along the way.

Help Out your Patent Lawyer

You’ll need to work closely with your attorney through the process of obtaining a patent — so be sure you can work well with them. You know your invention best. Help your attorney understand what you know through explanations, line drawings, or photography. In order to get the best performance out of your patent lawyers, you should cooperate properly. Play an active role to engage them more sincerely to your case.

Patent registration and litigation are an expensive affair. You may find many Chinese law firms that will charge very low fees. But our advice is not to get tempted by them. The low price sometimes results in a low-quality service. Instead, look engage China patent lawyers who offer reliable services at competitive rates.

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