How New-Age Technologies are Transforming Chinese Law Firms

It is hard to become a good China law expert overnight. However, there are hundreds of tech tools that can help you do things faster, and make your life as a legal professional easier. China law firms are now realizing the importance of embracing the technological movement and updating their businesses in order to provide the most value-driven services to their clients. A growing number of legal service providers are getting huge value from incorporating latest technological tools such as software, apps, artificial intelligence and cloud computing in their day to day work.

We’ve set out to put together a solid list of tech tools for China law firms:

Practice Management Software– Every lawyer should use a practice management system, no matter how big or small their practice. There are plenty of options these days for even the smallest firms. The benefit of a cloud-based platform is that everything is in one place, accessible from anywhere. Do your homework, but you will find that your data is more secure — and more organized — than it would be on your personal computer or mobile device.

Accounting Software- Accounting software is a great tech choice for lawyers. There is a wide range of service providers available and they’re focused on providing solutions for lawyers. Here are a few of the things your accounting software can do for you and your firm:


>>  Legal calendaring

>>  Time tracking

>>  Invoicing and billing

>>  Document management


Storage Solution– Dropbox and Google Drive are two common and easy to use save files and documents. the perfect storage solution to anyone looking for a cloud-based software to back up their all-important case files. It has space for sharing and collaborating on documents, it offers advanced security for sensitive information and also offers live support if you need it.


Adopting new-age technologies is exciting and empowering, but it can also have so many pitfalls if adopted without much consideration. Making the switch to a technology-savvy legal department requires a precise strategy that’s equal parts knowledge and organization.

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