Child labor Laws of China Foreign Companies Must Take Note Of

Along with China’s industrial development, the number of child labors has also increased all across the country. Child labor is a growing problem in China and it is getting severe each and every day. Young children are getting involved in hazardous activities that are restricting their physical, mental, social and educational development.

Chinese authorities have taken a number of strict measures to curb the problem of child labor. As a foreign company with a manufacturing interest in China, it becomes really important for you to know, understand and comply with the child labor regulations of China. Through this article, we are trying to enlighten the foreign companies regarding the child labor laws of China and the steps you can take to resist young children working in your manufacturing hub.

China has signed the ILO Minimum Age Convention and the U.N. Convention on the Rights on the Child. There are also a number of national regulations that ban child labor and restrict the areas where young adults can work. These include relevant provisions in the Chinese Labour Law.

Understanding China’s Child Labor Laws

>>  The People’s Republic of China declares that it protects a wide range of children’s rights through domestic legislation and by ratifying and joining the relevant international treaties. The PRC Constitution provides for the state protection of children and prohibits maltreatment of children.

>>  The most important law in China regarding child labor is the The PRC Law on the Protection of Minors. Passed in 1991 and revised in 2006, this law guarantees the protection of all Chinese citizens under the age of 18. The law is strongest for children under 16, and places legal responsibilities on families, schools, and the government to protect children from various abuses, including child labor.

>>  The child labor laws in China forbid employers in the country from employing people considered to be minors. According to the children laws which have been passed in China, minors are generally considered to be children under the age of 16 years. This is doubly-enforced by the Ministry of Labor under the PRC Labor Law which prohibits the employment of children under the age of 16.

>>  Employment of students under the age of 18 is considered internship in China, and doesn’t require employers to sign law-binding contracts with employees.

In an article posted in China Daily, Lu Shizhen, an expert with the China Youth University of Political Sciences said “ China has already seen a decline in the number of child laborers due to strict regulations and crackdowns.” The rapid economic growth and urbanization transformed the Chinese labor landscape. The uncompromising attitude of the Chinese government regarding child labor is really praiseworthy. All the foreign and domestic companies in China should support the government to eradicate child labor from this country.

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