Minimize your IP Risk with China Trademark & Patent Law Office

Intellectual property is the most important element of the top global companies. While doing business in China, it becomes a necessity for you to secure your trademark and patent. In China, you can apply for patent, copyright and trademark protection. If you wish to enter the Chinese market or are already doing business in China, it is recommended that you apply to protect your IP rights in China as soon as practically possible. Foreign companies need to be aware that you are always at the risk of trademark infringement.

Appoint a CTPLO for Protecting your Intellectual Property

It is strongly recommended seeking the advice of the China Trademark and Patent Law Office (CTPLO). The CTPLO aims in offering a fast and highly-responsive service along with the value-driven bilingual legal services to the foreign businesses. The success rate of the self-filed trademark registration is very low as the registering process is quite complex in China. The attorneys of the trademark and patent law office in China can assist you correctly on the trademark filing method.

The experience and credibility of CTPLO firms are just too vast and diverse that transcend over a broad range of industries. The level of accountability and credentials exhibited by the China trademark and patent law office are simply unquestionable. CTPLO firms are amazing in handling trademark, patent, industrial design, copyright, records of intellectual property with the Customs, records of intellectual property license and assignment with the China Trademark Office.

The main service of CTPLO is to handle legal affairs relating to intellectual property for the foreign clients such as

>> Applications for trademark registration, renewal, transfer, change,         license and other matters

>> Application, reply trademark dispute

>> Trademark revoked, reply, review

>> Applications for trademark registration, renewal, and more

In addition, the CTPLO firms also assist overseas clients as well as foreign law firms to secure protection on behalf of their clients in China.

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