How Flight Delay Problems In China Affecting Foreign Businesses

China has turned itself into a global manufacturing superpower. Quite naturally, thousands of business owners and the officials of the foreign companies from all over the world visit various Chinese cities every year. Although China is on its way to usurp the United States of America’s position as the strongest economy of the world by nominal GDP and the world’s largest economy by purchasing power parity, China’s aviation industry needs massive improvement.

Take China’s airports. They may be the world’s most advanced buildings but their management and services are miserable, disjointed and frustrating. International surveys have consistently put US airports and airlines among the top 20 for punctuality, while China’s airlines and airports have monopolised the bottom 10. It is a perilous journey travelling in a plane in China.

Just more than a third of flights took off on time at the four biggest airports in the Yangtze Delta region (Shanghai-Pudong, Shanghai-Hongqiao, Hangzhou and Nanjing) — making them the most delayed in the world by far. Take a look at the reasons behind the flight delay in China

  • China has too many eager airlines
  • A growing number of passengers
  • Airforce wanting its own way
  • Airports that despite years of expansion can’t quite accommodate everybody
  • Airspace in short supply
  • Impacts of bad weather


In the view of the China business lawyers, along with the tackling legal issues, foreign businesses need to be aware of the flight delays in China as it can have an enormous negative impact on the bottom line of their business. For instance, suppose you have scheduled a business meeting with a China supplier in Beijing and you are in Shanghai. After a long discussion, the China supplier from his tight schedule has given you his appointment. But because of flight delay, you couldn’t manage to attend the appointment on time and the supplier has gone somewhere else to keep his other business appointment. You end up losing your precious time, money ( on your flight ticket) and your business prospect.

Foreign companies doing business in China have to keep in mind that flight delays are the most common incident in China and you are definitely going to get affected by it. So you need to prepare yourself well in advance, schedule your meeting accordingly and be ready to face mass delays and flight cancellations in China.

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