What Could be the Ideal Strategy to Protect your IP in China

China tempts businesses from all over the world. But it is a proven fact that copycats run rampant all over China. There is always a risk that someone is looking to pirate your product, steal your invention and imitate your unique idea.

The primary thing that foreign businesses need to ensure before manufacturing their product in China is to make sure the safety of their IP with the help of a China lawyer. Intellectual property (IP) is a long-standing, critical concern for companies operating in China. Depending on the particular sort of intellectual property needing protection and the client’s particular situation and stage, China lawyer can help you on the following cases-

  1. Registration of an invention patent
  2. Registration of a utility patent
  3. Registration of a design patent
  4. Trademark issues
  5. Copyright issues

According to the situation and stage of the client and the particular IP needing protection, China lawyers recommend different sort of agreements such as-

  • NNN Agreement
  • Product Ownership Agreement
  • Product Development Agreement
  • China OEM Agreement
  • China Supply Agreement or
  • China Manufacturing Agreement

China lawyers work in tandem with their clients to pick the most ideal and affordable agreement from the list above. Most of the businesses do not have enormous financial power, so the China lawyers try to select the most appropriate agreement for them that will prove most beneficial and handy for them.

The most confusing question for most of the foreign business owners are- whether they should focus on their China IP registrations or they should give more priority to their China manufacturing contracts.

Foreign companies need to keep in mind that when it comes to protect China IP, there is no one size fits all strategy. You need to figure out plans according to the situation.

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