Actions Foreign Companies can take to Prevent the Amazon Listing of their Duplicate Product

Counterfeiting of products is an overwhelming issue that has been there for years in China. It only gets worse with the emergence of advanced technology. The matter has taken a serious turn when US and European companies have complained about the availability of their fake consumer product manufactured in China appearing on Amazon.

These counterfeit products have hampered thirty to eighty percent business of the foreign companies. China lawyers often get inquiries from the overseas businesses, seeking assistance on how to reduce the risk of their fake product showing up on Amazon. Here’s a list of hand-picked solutions which can prove helpful to the foreign companies to prevent their counterfeit products appearing on the Amazon.

  • File for United States Trademark Protection- It is a fantastic idea to file for US trademark protection. Amazon usually takes quick response in displacing products from their site if they infringe a registered U.S. trademark. It has been noted that Amazon will never remove your counterfeit product in case it is not using your trademark. Without a legal order given by the court, Amazon will not take down cloned products.
  • File for China Trademark Protection- If you are concerned about counterfeit goods coming from China, your next step should be to register your trademark with Chinese Customs. This is not a legal requirement, but a practical one. Having a China trademark will offer you the peace of mind that, products identical to yours will be removed from Amazon.
  • Stop your China manufacturer from competing with you- constant monitoring along with blocking your China manufacturer from competing with you for counterfeit products in an effective way to stop fake products.
  • Copyright your key photos in the United States or in China or in both countries- It is a great idea to have the image rights of your products in both USA and China. Doing this will give you the upper hand when someone copies your products. The original manufacturer could send a cease and desist letter or look into civil litigation. It will be easier for you to sue the counterfeit company and get the decision in your favor.
  • Build your brand and aware your consumers of fake products- It has been noted that companies that are trying to build their brand remain a step ahead of their competitor. And also if you can make your brand popularize among your customers they could easily distinguish yours from the fake ones.

Technology has given counterfeiters the ability to make convincing electronic ripoffs fast while the Internet has made it easier to buy counterfeit products. So it is the primary responsibility of companies to take necessary action to prevent the counterfeit production of their products and their listings on the platforms such as Amazon.

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