Film Industry Promotion Law in China

In the year of 2015 on November 6th, China’s National People’s Congress issued a draft of the Film Industry Promotion Law for public comment. The law was packaged with 6 chapters and 58 corresponding articles. All the film related activities like development, production, screening, releasing and the other related issues are included in the law. The law was to apply to the mentioned activities and the distributed comments demonstrate the law is expected to disentangle the direction of screenplays, film creations and displays and the holding of remote related film celebrations.

As per the China film lawyers, the most important attribute of the Film Industry Promotion Law are as follows:

  • As per the law approval after completing the production work is still required but can be obtained from regional or municipal level.
  • Relevant authorities of the State Council must formulate applicable review standards and make them available to the public.
  • Tax authority of China state council should take care of the promotion and development of the film Industry.
  • Films dealing with general thread need not to go for screenplay approval initially not even mandatory to file a synopsis. But for the films dealing with special themes the screenplay reviews are must required step.
  • The most convenient part for this draft law is that the production licence are no longer mandatory for each individual films. If the authorization from the regional or municipal level is there to execute for a Chinese enterprise which has the funds and the other important resources, can start the production as per the law.
  • Insurance and completion guaranteed organizations are to be urged to build up the development required for further create of China’s film industry.

To find the full details of the law, readers may visit the link.

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