Loopholes Regarding Trademark Registration in China for Internet Use

Using the Internet in China is quite a mystery. Chinese lawyers are always busy protecting the Internet of their clients especially the gaming companies. The companies have various queries and the lawyers have to be careful in handling them. China’s Internet is complicated and vastly different from that of the West. Hence, knowing about it gives a fair idea regarding Internet related matters and makes things easy for the foreign companies or clients.

Registering Trademark in China

If you are thinking about how to register trademark in China, then we will give the answer here. Sometimes, people confuse registering trademark in China with that of Vietnam and United States. However, the story is completely different in this context. In the beginning you have to find out about the category or class under which you will register the trademark. Figuring out the appropriate class is extremely important otherwise it can be confusing for the user. A typical Chinese thing about registering trademark is that the website owner will not receive any protection in case, someone us using the trademark on T-shirt or book. One thing you have to remember is that the entire process must be carried out in Chinese. On top of that, there is the issue on copyright that may or may not protect what you are doing in China.

Does Gaming Require Something Special in China?

The Internet rules regarding gaming in China are numerous and that is impossible to fathom. The shortest and most precise answer is that any kind of foreign content published online in China is illegal. Some people make a fortune from this practice while others go behind bars due to this. This could be treated as a loophole in Chinese law. There are people who are taking random advantage of this practice while there are others who are landing in soup. There is no parity in the system which is causing harm to the entire Internet system and the users. Companies have faced issues regarding comprehending the Internet rules and regulations which has led them to mistrust and distrust and sometimes even confusion.

Also, setting up the trademark and using the Internet in China is quite expensive. This is another turn off side of using Internet in China for the foreign companies. Most of the people who choose to get it done at a cheap price actually go through another issue of losing everything to fraudsters and thieves. This can be very dangerous and harmful for the foreign companies. Once, your trademark is stolen, it is very difficult to retrieve it. Retrieving it can also be another expensive process.

Thus, registering trademark in China demands careful research on the matter and hiring an experienced China lawyer. In the absence of these two you might just end up in a soup.

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