Listen to Chinese Lawyers- China is Too Polluted to Relocate?

Chinese business lawyers are often asked to assist foreign companies in deciding where to locate in China so that they can carry on their business seamlessly. As consultation, the lawyers generally ask the clients their preference in choosing a Chinese location. They need to fill up a questionnaire to enable the lawyers to aid in making the right decision. Location is extremely important in doing business because a lot of things depend on it.

Clients are asked to rank various points in order of importance so that it can help the lawyers to lead the clients to make the correct decision regarding location. These parameters include a number of aspects like neighborhood, health care and also education to name a few. These aspects are known as ‘quality of life’ issues which are counted to make the quality of life better. There is a new one in the list, which is pollution. Yes, this is an important issue, especially nowadays because there is so much pollution nowadays engulfing absolutely anything. Human lives have become difficult to sustain and hence, this is an important issue on which you should mark the neighborhood before moving in.

Greenpeace China releases report on air quality at stipulated date and time stating the condition of and the level of air pollution in China. According to the report published in 2016, Chinese air is polluted to be precise. The survey looked into 36 Chinese cities and recorded the statistics accordingly. The report revealed that 80% of Chinese cities do not meet the standard for air quality. The pollution has definitely decreased but it is still not up to the mark. Chinese sky must be cleaned because residents of Beijing and other northern China cities are experiencing smog during winters which speak volumes about polluted Chinese atmosphere. Chinese government has made this a priority in their 13th-year development plan.

According to climate and energy campaigner, Dong Liansai- “China is still a major health hazard.” What the latest report revealed is that states like Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have witnessed a decrease in annual average PM2.5 concentrations in 2015, while Shanghai witnessed a marginal increase of 3.14%. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region experienced an annual PM2.5 levels. It is already approaching its 2017 target of lowering air pollution, the standard of which has been set up by NDRC.

Beijing actually experienced 26 days of heavy pollution and there are other cities facing almost the same in China. Greenpeace East Asia research has revealed that the primary reason behind this is the higher frequency of smog in the city and surrounding areas. Conditions get particularly worse during extreme summer and winter months. The main reason behind this smog is large volume of coal burning in northern China. With WHO referring to air pollution as ‘a global public health emergency’ China drastic air pollution and Beijing’s red alerts remind everyone of what should be done immediately. The best remedy is controlling coal consumption in the area. Hence, China is not really in the list of the most chosen cities in terms of pollution.

Now, the Chinese lawyer faces another problem in guiding the client to choose the right place. They need to review these reports before they can guide the clients. The lawyers have to lay down the worst hit cities so that clients avoid them after checking the report. Thus, venturing into China to do business is not a bad idea overall. However, China is in the alert zone when it comes to pollution and that can be harmful particularly for your kids. People leave China every year due to this one reason. Therefore, locating in China is highly influenced by the existence of high pollution levels in Chinese cities.

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