How to Become a Chinese Lawyer of Repute?

A vast majority of law schools incorporate course on international law which is attractive for aspiring law students. It is powerful and alluring. It makes money and brings fame as well. A large number of students enroll into such programs because they find it extremely cool and as an attractive career option. Now, there is an inherent problem in this because such law schools are few which offer courses on international law for law graduates.

What is the Situation?

In West, there are two types of law firms- the larger ones that involve in high-level work while the other one is the boutique space which provides specialized business. The second type of rims employ lawyers who had worked at the larger firms at one point. However, the point is that, not many of these large law firms are also not involved into doing international legal work.

The hiring practices of the mega firms are also confined. Most of the lawyers they hire belong to the top grade law schools with high scores. The scores are easy cut offs to finding the best interns. This is also the easiest and quickest way to do the job because the companies have to screen thousands of CVs. After screening, they interview some of the students who seem to be the best. They really wish to recruit the best and the cream and thus, this process. There is again a problem with this practice because here students from high grade schools with high scores will only get chance; not the others from mediocre schools.

Moreover, no mega firm will vest the responsibility to take up an international case on a new recruit even if he/she is from the top law school. So, the starting step is to derive experience by practicing IP law, corporate law or tax law or dispute resolution or labor law. Thus, for students their class rank is of absolute importance. Also, knowing an international language will help, though minimally.

The Objective

The real objective behind this practice is to make students realize that getting a job at an international mega firm is not easy. It depends on a number of things. Getting any other law job is also dependent on a number of things. Experienced Chinese lawyers thus have the responsibility to the burst the bubble for the law students seeking opportunity in the field. However, there are reasons to believe that lawyers will not be able to work full-time when they are practicing only international law. The majority of law firms do not put any emphasis on whether you know another language because that does not bring any business to them. In fact, in some firms they will also think that the young lawyer is daydreaming about visiting the country instead of working with their firm dedicatedly.

In fact, the real picture is that, no young lawyer from school is hired by these mega firms. Hence, just starting off with what you get and gather some experience is essential. Just join whatever work you get so that you learn the tricks of the trade and also farewell in the end. Get molded according to the job and develop the confidence and also the temperament.

Find out your niche. For example, you may like doing dispute resolution but are not getting a chance to do that on an international level, educate yourself on the law of that nation. After gaining enough knowledge start writing on it so that you can take the opportunity when it knocks on your door. Now, what you can do is, try to get in touch with the people of that country and bring in work from there. As long as, you are involved in doing a proper job for your law firm, it will not stop you from doing something that you are interested in doing.

This is the process to breakthrough in the corporate world. Just start by working for any firm that provides the opportunity and then proceed to switch; that will be easier.

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