Your Business is China-related

That’s correct. Being the 2nd biggest economy in the world, China is inevitable in your business.

  • You may be about to explore, or is already exploring the Chinese market, or have been procuring from China for quite a few years.
  • You may just got an inquiry from your client regarding a Chinese matter.
  • You may even just doing domestic business, however the goods supplied to you by your vendor may be from China, or the goods sold to your customers are ready to be shipped to China.

Yes…you are running a China related business, you have to solve China related problems every day, among which the biggest headache is Chinese legal matters, and yes, it’s true that…

Chinese Legal Matters Maybe Daunting Without The Right Helper

We do understand that running a China related business is never easy. Besides the language and culture barriers, you may have also...

  • Planned to OEM from China yet fearing your design being stolen
  • Wanted to protect your trademarks, patents & copyright in China
  • Been eager to explore the Chinese market not knowing where to start
  • Got confused with the Chinese foreign currency control system
  • Needed a professional to sell your property to a Chinese buyers
  • Wanted to sue a Chinese company that ripped up the agreement
  • And faced many other Chinese legal matters

We understand and respect all your pain, and what’s more, we eliminate these types of pain.

We have been delivering world-class legal services to businesses across the planet. We view the world as borderless and aren’t intimidated by language barriers or time zones. We eradicate all the noise to provide you with clear explanations and authentic advice, no matter your size or location.

Until now, you may have never thought about retaining a Chinese attorney to represent you. You may find yourself immersed in a difficult legal matter and need immediate assistance. Or perhaps you have decided to enter or expand a foreign venture. It could be that you require expert advice on a litigation matter. No matter the reason, we have the capacity to resolve your legal issues in China.

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Who We Are

As stress relievers, our philosophy is to take the load off your mind - so you can sleep soundly.

Led by Attorney Vincent Qin, we are a reliable team of Tahota Law Firm attorneys who focus on cross-border legal matters for clients from every industry and sector around the world. Tahota currently has more than 700 multidisciplinary attorneys in 14 cities, and continues to expand. Tahota lawyers have their own unique set of skills and collaborate seamlessly with one another to structure deals and resolve disputes. Our attorneys are recognized leaders, committed to providing guidance and clarity to propel our clients effortlessly from Point A to Point Z with ANY Chinese-related legal business transaction.

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We have represented hundreds of prestigious clients and have a proven track record of delivering sustainable solutions. That’s why clients continue to send us glowing 5-star testimonials.


We have been honored to receive these prestigious awards in recognition for our distinguished service:

  • “Corporate Finance Law Firm of the Year in China” by Corporate INTL
  • “Band 1 for Corporate/Commercial PRC Firms” by Chambers
  • “Band 3 for Healthcare Firms” by Chambers
  • “China IP Firm” Ranking by ALB
  • “Best Corporate Finance Law Firm of the Year” by Global Law Experts
  • “Asia Pacific Top 100 Independent Local Firm” by THE LAWYER
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