Ways to Find a Trusted Chinese Law Firm for your Business

From basic zoning compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability, a reliable Chinese law firm will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business. While doing business in China, it is quite obvious that you might be needed to follow various legal procedures that may be very tedious and complicating.

This is the primary reason, foreign businesses required to hire a Chinese business attorney. A Chinese business lawyer can help immensely in running your business without facing any legal hassle. By having an experienced lawyer by your side, you can make a better business decision.

There are a lot of lawyers out there and it’s not easy to find a trustworthy Chinese law firm. Your choice can make all the difference between a good experience with successful results and a poor experience that does not help you reach your goals. You have to do your homework in a correct way.

  • Do Your Research

Try to talk with more than one China lawyer before you choose the one to represent you. But find out if you will be charged for an initial meeting. Be prepared to describe your problem in a brief, clear summary. Start by asking for referrals from people you trust. Word of mouth and referrals from friends, relatives, neighbors, business associates, and acquaintances are the best way to find a lawyer.

  • Look For A Law Firm With Experience

How many years of experience does the China law firm have successfully helping overseas businesses is vital. In the field of legal procedures, experience is the single most important element. The more experience a law firm would, the more diverse problems they may have faced. This will help them to offer you the best legal advice for your particular needs.

  • Identify the Legal Help your Business Requires

Clearly defining your company’s needs allows you to proceed with your attorney search in a more productive manner. What legal guidance does my company need? Where are there efficiency or competency gaps in the company’s daily operations? What sort of trademark or patent registration assistance you may require? These are the questions you need to ask before hiring a Chinese legal firm.


Legal issues are especially upsetting. Putting a troublesome problem in a trusted expert’s hands can be a huge relief. Doing business in China is a tricky task especially for the Western companies. Involving in the long and expensive lawsuits is a common incident for entrepreneurs having a business interest over here. You need the expertise of the certified attorneys to navigate the complex legal system of China.

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Trademark Registration Phases in China

Although China’s economic and manufacturing development are astonishing, still the country is a vulnerable place especially for the new entrants. Registering trademark would be first on your agenda. Trademark registration in China is the best possible way to protect brand name, fame, and identity. According to the Chinese patent law, trademark law and some other related laws, foreign law firms, agencies and any foreign person shall appoint any of such organizations as designated by the State to act as its or his agent.

The entire trademark registration process in China can be easily defined through this image.

source: www.tmsearch.cn

For better understanding, we are dividing the entire process into few phases

Phase 1-

Your trademark registration process starts the moment you have requested for registering the trademark. Here we are offering you the complete detail of the place where you need to contact.

Website: www.ctmo.gov.cn or http://home.saic.gov.cn

Address: 1, Chama Nanjie, Xicheng District, Beijing Post code: 100055

Telephone: 86-10-68027820, 86-10-68052266 (voice reference)

Fax: 86-10-68013623

Phase 2-

It will take around two months for the officials to file a report on your trademark request. It is highly important for the US and the European business owners to remain alert about many pitfalls they might face while registering their trademark in China. There are some scenarios where registering through a China lawyer or at least seeking legal advice from a Chinese law firm beforehand makes sense.

Phase 3-

To get your trademark get accepted and published ( it there is no rejection or review) it will take around nine to twelve months. In case your request gets rejected or sent to the review, the process will stretch a bit longer.

Phase 4-

After getting accepted and published, it will take around three months to get your trademark registered. The process may get delayed in two circumstances, first if gets opposed and second if it is sent to reviewed. After, the successful registration of your trademark, it will remain valid for ten years. Where the Trademark registrant intends to continue to use the registered Trademark beyond the expiration of the period of validity, an application for renewal of the registration shall be made within six months before the said expiration.

If you show any lethargy in trademark registration in China, there is a great chance that someone else could take it under your nose. So, you must give top-priority to trademark registration and brand protection of your business.

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