Legal Procedures Involved in Hiring Persons From Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau in China


Hiring employees from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau in the Chinese mainland requires meeting certain legal procedures and receiving proper government permission. The present Provisions are formulated according to the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and administrative regulations. Here we are categorically discussing …

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How to Reduce & Evaluate your Company’s China Litigation Risks

China Litigation Risks

China’s industrial transformation and massive economic growth are the biggest reasons why foreign companies can’t resist the temptation of doing business in this magnificent country. It has been discussed in the post titled “China Civil Litigation: Tain’t No Big Thing” that the litigation risk for the foreign companies doing business …

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What Are The Must Have Things In A China Distribution Contracts

product distribution china

There is hardly a day when some American SME’s never inquired about how they could sell their US made products into the Chinese market with the help of a trusted Chinese distributor. As legal experts, we have assisted a large number of companies in writing well-drafted distribution agreement. In order …

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Why Global Technology Firms Need To Acclimatize Chinese Cyber Law

Chinese cyber law

Global technology companies operated in China have faced a challenging task in the recent weeks. In order to strengthen the internet firewall, Chinese officials have blocked the use of private networks (VPNs). According to the new regulations, web users need to register their authentic names and a high-level scrutiny have …

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