Want to Sell High-Value Equipment to China- Follow the Strategy

China, officially known as the People’s Republic of China is world’s most populous Sovereign Nation. Its massive population presents a remarkable opportunity for businesses all over the world. Over the years, Chinese consumers have become quite liberal to form strong relationships with worldwide brands. That’s why selling the high-value equipment …

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Process of Registering & Renewing Trademark in China

Trademark Registration in China

Throughout history, going back thousands of years, there have been marks, symbols, or graphics that have been associated with specific individuals or organizations. They have been used in advertisements, seals of approval, etc. The use of marks to identify and distinguish property dates way back and for good reason. Most …

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The Importance of Full Name of Famous Personalities for China Trademark

The Chinese trademark law system is different from the U.S. federal trademark law system. In the view of the China business lawyers, the Chinese Trademark Law provides: “Any natural person, legal entity or other organization intending to acquire the exclusive right to use a trademark, including service mark, shall file …

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Important Provisions of a Chinese Part-Time Employment Contract

Chinese Part-Time Employment Contract

The labor market in China consists of around nine hundred million employees. It is quite acceptable that the rising number of employees will automatically give rise to the number of labor dispute cases. 1.75 million labor related cases have been reported till now this year and the number is likely …

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The Provisions that you Must Skip in your China Employment Contract

China contract

China lawyers always suggest U.S. and European business owners to sign out a China-centric contract while doing business in the mainland China or with China. This approach is highly important especially in case of the employment contracts with the Chinese employees because the entire agreement is highly local in nature. …

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Why Foreign Companies Prefer WFOE as their China Business Entity


The Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE or WOFE) is a Limited liability company wholly owned by the foreign investor(s). It offers a wider business scope compared to a representative office (RO), and possesses several unique features. WFOE includes- Free Trade Zone company Representative Office Joint Venture Partnership enterprises Although China …

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