Why Orthopedic Device Companies Should secure their Trademark First

Trademarks - Orthopedic Devices

The medical industry has long recognized the value of good branding, and the idea that a smart product name leads to increased consumer recognition and expedite profits. However, many medical device companies have been slow to realize the importance of selecting a decent brand name for their products and securing …

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Key Elements in China’s Personal Information Security Specification

Personal Information Security Specification

China’s national standard on personal information protection, officially entitled GB/T 35273-2017 Information Technology – Personal Information Security Specification will come in to effect on May 1, 2018. Although the Standards are only recommendations for now, they could be deemed mandatory at a later date. The Standards are an important development …

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The Ease of China’s Foreign Direct Investment & Its Impact

Foreign Direct Investment

Chinese authorities have realized that in order to maintain the sharp rise of their economy, it is paramount to portray the image of this country as the most conducive to invest for the foreign companies. Last year, the State Council issued a circular on a new foreign direct investment policy …

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A Complete Information on the CEPA Agreement Between Hong Kong & Chinese Mainland

CEPA Agreement Between Hong Kong & Chinese Mainland

Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland inked two new agreements on 28 June 2017, namely the Investment Agreement and the Economic Technical Cooperation Agreement (Ecotech Agreement) to further facilitate trade and investment between the two. With the two new agreements, CEPA has broadened its scope to become a comprehensive free …

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