Chinese Government’s Updated and Reformative FDI Policies

Reformative FDI Policies

Foreign direct investment is a much-discussed issue in the current global scenario. Even a few years ago, Chinese government had a conservative outlook on FDI issue, but as China has become the business interest for the global companies, the Chinese authorities had to revamp their FDI approach. China’s State Council …

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The Transformation Chinese Legal System has Witnessed

Transformation of Law

With U.S.-China diplomatic and business relations getting stronger and stronger every passing day, it becomes really essential to have a complete understanding of the Chinese legal system. The ever-growing presence of the Western and US companies in China makes it imperative for the foreign lawyers to assist them to properly …

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Protect your Product Idea in China through an NNN Agreement

NNN Contract

American companies are attracted to China for their manufacturing requirement. 2018 will be another fruitful year for the US importers and the Chinese manufacturers. With a comparatively cheap labor force, competitive pricing and a wide variety of manufacturers and products to choose from, this country is an ideal destination and …

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ITC’s Negative Determination Is A Huge Triumph For The Chinese Tire Manufacturers


According to the Reuters, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) said in a statement that subsidized bus and truck tires imported from China had not damaged the U.S. industry, and as a result it would not issue anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders on the products. The ITC’s negative determination means …

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How Businesses can Avoid Getting Booked by China Custom

China Custom

The Chinese government has taken few stern steps promulgated a series of new regulations affecting companies that import and export taxable goods and services in China. The regulation is formulated for the purpose of safeguarding State sovereignty and national interests, strengthening supervision and control by the Customs, promoting exchanges with …

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