How to Harness the Limitless Business Opportunities that China Offers

Business Opportunities that China

The U.S.- based businesses can immensely get benefited by forming a partnership with the companies in China to improve their supply chain, given China’s highly sophisticated manufacturing industry. The country has become the epicenter of manufacturing of all types of goods. With more and more American companies looking to unlock …

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3 Manufacturing Agreements You Need to Require While Doing Business in China

China lawyers

China is the most competitive manufacturing nation, with cost competitiveness being a significant factor. Although there are many important parts involved in getting your product(s) manufactured in China, the most important is your contract. Foreign companies doing business in China usually maintain three types of manufacturing agreements with a Chinese …

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How Employer-Friendly New Employment Law of Beijing Is?

Employment Law of Beijing

China, over the last decade or so, has become an economic superpower. China became the world’s manufacturing hub, specializing in the labour-intensive, export-led production of cheap goods that enabled a gradual increase in product complexity. In a nutshell, its growth strategy was to assemble and sell cheap goods to the …

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How TPP Could Prove Instrumental for Enhancing Global Growth

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement TPP is a pact aimed to deepen economic ties among the twelve countries and fostering trade to boost growth. Members had also hoped to foster a closer relationship on economic policies and regulation. The agreement was designed so that it could eventually create a new single market, …

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Major Issues for the Foreign Companies Regarding WFOE Formation in China

From raw materials to sourcing various products, Chinese and U.S. commerce have become closely aligned over the years. American companies always try to lower their manufacturing cost and Chinese manufacturers and sourcing agents fulfil their needs by providing everything they want. However, doing business in China is not as simple …

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Legal Procedures Involved in Hiring Persons From Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau in China


Hiring employees from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau in the Chinese mainland requires meeting certain legal procedures and receiving proper government permission. The present Provisions are formulated according to the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and administrative regulations. Here we are categorically discussing …

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