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Why U.S. Companies Must Have a Solid NNN agreement in China

NNN Agreement

Before starting OEM manufacturing in China, foreign companies need to locate a reliable Chinese factory to make your product. It is vital before revealing any information about your product to sign out an appropriate agreement with the Chinese party. While drafting the agreement, you must keep the following things in …

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Various Responses Elicited by Binding NNN Contract in Chinese Context

NNN Contract - Agreement

In the last post, enforcing NNN agreements was discussed in the Chinese context. The issue raised was that the contracts having some support so that they can be beneficial to the party doing business with Chinese manufacturers. Now, properly formulating an NNN contract can reduce the chances of infringement by …

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Vital Elements in NNN Agreement- Turning Chinese Law Loopholes into Practical Solutions

NNN Agreements

As discussed in the last post that there are 3 basic elements to a proper NNN contract, now we are going to take it forward by discussing few things about making the contract enforceable in the Chinese context. Chinese law does not have any provision to enforce IP contract unlike …

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