Chinese Gaming Industry Offers a Lucrative Opportunity for the Investors


China’s games market is evolving fast. Mobile games, which has been the fastest growing segment in China for some time. Offering a lucrative opportunity for developers and publishers. Investment in the region by multinational companies and country governments will continue to boost this growth. The online game sensation boosted the …

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China Represents The Biggest Opportunities for the Foreign Brands


“Europe’s mired in mud. The U.S. economy’s flat. So where’s the action? It’s in China,” says Robert Collins, co-author of Doing Business in China for Dummies. Each of the potential Chinese business models accepted by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has its distinct advantages. This signifies that even small …

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Protect your Brand Image through Trademark Registration in China


If you are a business owner, involving in a China sourcing for many years, you may be well-aware of the importance of registering your brand’s trademark in China. Although China’s economic and manufacturing development are astonishing, still the country is a vulnerable place especially for the new entrants. It is …

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Key Takeaways of the Growing Mexico-China Relationship


The growing relationship between Mexico and China is expected to benefit both the countries. China is currently Mexico’s second largest import partner and third largest export destination, and FTA or not, bilateral commercial relations continue to grow. In a blog published in the Mexican president’s website said the Presidents of …

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